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Every Interesting Little Detail About Pizza Hut’s Allergen Menu

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My brother’s family is visiting from out of town. Little Jalen has an egg allergy and his sister Julia has a tree nut allergy. They were supposed to arrive after dinner but decided to hit the road early.

I have nothing planned for dinner and I need to quickly figure out what to feed everyone while keeping the kids safe.

Pizza is the obvious crowd-pleaser. Even better, pan pizza! And who doesn’t love pan pizza? I pull up Pizza Hut’s allergen menu on my phone. 

What’s better than sliding into the red vinyl booths with your loved ones under the Tiffany-style pendant lights at Pizza Hut? There has always been something magical about Pizza Hut that leads to great family conversations filled with laughter.

And I have definitely eaten my share of Personal Pan Pizzas thanks to the Book It! Program.

But is Pizza Hut safe for my niece and nephew? If only there was a place to go and find out! (Most obvious segue ever…) The Food Allergy Advisor, of course!

Remember: this post is for informational purposes only and may not be the best fit for you and your personal situation. It shall not be construed as medical advice. The information and education provided here is not intended or implied to supplement or replace professional medical treatment, advice, and/or diagnosis. Always check with your own physician or medical professional before trying or implementing any information read here. Ingredients, allergen menus, kitchen procedures, food sourcing, and restaurant protocols are subject to change at any time. For further information please see full Disclaimer.

The Food Allergy Advisor™ Ranking System is Based on Four Major Criteria: 

  1. The Top 9 food allergies friendliness – Does the restaurant provide several options accommodating the Top 9 food allergies? 
  2. The overall confidence ranking for food allergy diners
  3. The completeness of the food allergy menu
  4. The intuitiveness of the food allergy menu

Each category is ranked on a scale of zero to five stars. Together, these categories are combined to provide a single overall score.

Top 9 Food Allergies Friendliness

To rank high in this category there should be a variety of selections across the Top 9 food allergens (tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, egg, milk, shellfish, fish, and sesame). This should be across the menu board including pizza, pasta, wings, sides, and desserts.

Milk Allergy – Pizza Hut’s Allergen Menu

Pizza Hut's Allergen Menu. Eating with a milk allergy at Pizza Hut. Dairy Free at Pizza Hut

When we think of pizza, we think of the crust, sauce, and usually (but not always) cheese. There are several milk-free options if you choose to eat at Pizza Hut. Obviously, cheese contains milk and should not be added to pizza if you have a milk allergy.

Some milk-free choices at Pizza Hut include many varieties of crust, sauces, and toppings. I encourage you to go directly to Pizza Hut’s allergen menu as there are hundreds of variations in the types of crust, sauce, and toppings used. 

That being said, the Backyard BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Cheese Pizza, Hawaiian Chicken, Meat Lovers, Supreme, Pepperoni, Pepperoni Lovers, and Veggie Lovers Pizza are consistently listed as containing dairy and should be avoided with a milk allergy.

The Big New Yorker Slices also have a Garden Fresh and Garden Chicken Pizza that contain dairy.

There are many limitations on regional pizza slices, buffet slices, and express slices. Again, please check Pizza Hut’s allergen menu.

Express breakfast, most salads, pasta dishes, cheese sticks, breadsticks, cheese bites, pepperoni bites, alfredo sauce, and meatballs all contain milk.

There are many dairy-free choices for Pizza Hut wings, however, garlic parmesan, smoky garlic, and spicy wings contain milk. 

Fries are noted as dairy free.

There are very limited choices as far as dessert goes. The only milk-free choice listed is the cinnamon stick (without the icing). Cinnamon bites are also noted as dairy free.

Egg Allergy- Pizza Hut’s Allergen Menu

Pizza Hut's Allergen Menu. Eating with an egg allergy at Pizza Hut.

There is a large selection of safe menu items for Pizza Hut diners with an egg allergy. Most pizzas are fine, an exception is any pizza made with Udi’s Gluten Free Crust.

The Chicken Ceasar Salad is not safe for those with an egg allergy.

Meatballs need to be avoided because they contain eggs.

Most wings are safe but there is always the concern of cross-contamination. The Garlic Parmesean Wings and Spicy Garlic Wings contain eggs. The ranch dipping sauce also contains eggs.

The express breakfast items contain eggs.

The chocolate chip cookies and triple chocolate brownies are unsafe for egg allergies. However, there are some egg-free dessert items listed on Pizza Hut’s allergen menu. They include Cinnabon mini rolls and cinnamon sticks.

Overall, there truly are a lot of selections at Pizza Hut if you have an egg allergy.

Soy Allergy- Pizza Hut’s Allergen Menu

Pizza Hut's Allergen Menu. Eating with a soy allergy at Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut’s menu is fairly complex when it comes to soy allergens. Please be sure to review Pizza Hut’s Allergen Menu directly for full details.

Those with a soy allergy need to avoid Pizza Hut’s rectangle sliced pizzas as well as their regional rectangle slice pizzas. There are many other types of pizza crusts that are soy free. Again, it is complex, so I ask that you check Pizza Hut’s Allergen menu.

All Pizza Hut fiesta taco pizzas contain soy. Pizza Hut’s meatballs contain soy and should not be ordered if you have a soy allergy. The bean pizza sauce contains soy. The alfredo sauce contains soy.

There are a couple of unsafe pasta options when looking at Pizza Hut’s menu for a soy allergy. The alfredo pasta and penne with marinara and meatballs are not safe.

There are, however, a few safe pasta options that are soy free. They are the oven-baked Italian Meats pasta, the Oven Baked Veggie Pasta, and the penne with marinara (with or without mushrooms).

Wings that contain soy are smoky garlic and sweet chili wings. There are, however, several soy-free wing choices.

Breadsticks, cheese sticks, cheese bites, cinnamon bites, pepperoni bites, and many express sides contain soy. Fries and caesar salad (with or without chicken) are listed as soy free.

Dessert is very limited with a soy allergy if dining at Pizza Hut. Icing for cinnamon sticks is listed as soy free. However, the cinnamon sticks themselves contain soy.

Pizza Hut discloses that several menu items are prepared in fully refined soy oil. They note on their website that fully refined soy oil is not considered an allergen according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Wheat Allergy- Pizza Hut’s Allergen Menu

Pizza Hut's Allergen Menu. Eating with a wheat allergy at Pizza Hut.

Wheat is in most of their pizzas. Pizza Hut does offer Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza crust for diners with a wheat allergy or diners looking for a gluten-free crust. There are several toppings and sauces that are wheat free.

However, one should note that although Udi’s Gluten Free pizza crust is listed as wheat free it may not be a safe bet for those with a wheat allergy.

Pizza Hut states “due to the handcrafted nature of our menu items, variation in vendor-supplied ingredients, and our use of shared cooking and preparation areas, we cannot assure you that our restaurant environment or any menu item will be completely free of gluten.”   

Meatballs should not be added as a topping if you have a wheat allergy or if you are avoiding gluten. The meatballs do contain wheat.

There are no pasta options free of wheat. There are also no salad or wing options free of wheat.

The cheese bites, cinnamon bites, and pepperoni bites all contain wheat. Breadsticks, cheese sticks, express breakfast choices, and french fries all contain wheat as well.

Sadly, there are no dessert options that are wheat free. Pizza Hut does list cinnamon stick white icing dipping sauce as a wheat-free dessert choice, but I am not sure many of us would eat icing by itself on a plate. Or would we? Let me be clear, the cinnamon sticks are not free of wheat, just the icing.

Pizza Hut’s menu is limited when it comes to wheat-free choices. Udi’s Pizza Crust may be an option to make a wheat-free pizza, however, cross-contamination would be a real concern.

Tree Nut Allergy- Pizza Hut’s Allergen Menu

Pizza Hut's Allergen Menu. Eating with a tree nut allergy at Pizza Hut.

According to Pizza Hut’s allergen menu, tree nuts are not used at Pizza Hut restaurants.

Pizza Hut states that tree nuts may be used in common manufacturing plants that supply food to their restaurants.

Peanut Allergy- Pizza Hut’s Allergen Menu

Pizza Hut's Allergen Menu. Eating with a peanut allergy at Pizza Hut.

According to Pizza Hut’s allergen menu, peanuts are not used at Pizza Hut restaurants.

Pizza Hut states that peanuts may be used in common manufacturing plants that supply food to their restaurants.

Shellfish Allergy- Pizza Hut’s Allergen Menu

Pizza Hut's Allergen Menu. Eating with a shellfish allergy at Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut’s entire menu contains no shellfish.

Fish Allergy- Pizza Hut’s Allergen Menu

Pizza Hut's Allergen Menu. Eating with a fish allergy at Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut does not list any menu item’s as containing fish.

Sesame Allergy- Pizza Hut’s Allergen Menu

Pizza Hut's Allergen Menu. Eating with a sesame allergy at Pizza Hut.

Sesame was recently added as one of the top nine allergens in the United States. At this time, sesame is not listed as one of the allergens that you can easily filter within Pizza Hut’s Food Allergies & Sensitivities Allergy Tool.

Pizza Hut’s Food Allergen Menu Confidence Ranking 

The Food Allergy Advisor's Confidence Ranking for Pizza Hut

Let’s review The Food Allergy Advisor™ Ranking System for Confidence.

Is there Ambiguity?

The Food Allergy Advisor does not feel there was much ambiguity when reviewing Pizza Hut’s allergen menu. All toppings, types of crust, and types of sauce clearly were labeled based on the particular allergen.

The real concern is cross-contamination, especially if you have a wheat or milk allergy.

Is there a Mission Statement?

Although there is not a specific mission statement about food allergies, they do have a statement that can apply to how they treat customers that may have nutrition considerations. 

They state “Pizza Hut understands the importance of providing complete and accurate nutrition information to our customers. Because every customer uses nutrition information differently, we provide three ways to view our nutrition information.”  

Two of these ways can be utilized by those with food allergies. Pizza Hut includes “Food Allergy & Sensitivity Information” as well as “ingredient search” tools on their website. Both of which are helpful for food allergy diners.

Are there Personal Touches?

There are some personal touches on Pizza Hut’s website. Having different views to review allergy and nutrition information is a very nice personal touch that is built into the website.

Has the Menu Been Updated Within Six Months?

At the time of this review, Pizza Hut’s allergen menu was last updated on 8/15/2022, so within 6 months. 

Are there Clear Cross Contamination Statements?

Pizza Hut does have cross-contamination statements.

Pizza Hut notes that like most restaurants, they prepare products that may contain other allergens. They mention that their products may be prepared on the same equipment and in the same kitchen area as other allergens.

Although this is never a comforting statement for someone who has food allergies, this is a standard statement from most restaurants.

Pizza Hut’s Completeness Ranking 

The Food Allergy Advisor's Completeness Ranking for Pizza Hut

Below is The Food Allergy Advisor™ ranking for Completeness of Pizza Hut’s allergen menu.

Are All Nine Major Allergens Included?

Pizza Hut does not include all nine major allergens. They have information on 8 of the top 9 food allergens. They are missing information on sesame at this time.

Are Full Ingredient Lists Available for Menu Items?

Yes! Pizza Hut does a great job with this! Full ingredient lists are so important when dealing with food allergen identification and help individuals who may not have one of the top 9 food allergens.

Within the “Food Allergy & Sensitivity” allergy tool you simply click on the menu item that you would like to view or click the “more info” button and the ingredients for the particular menu item are clearly displayed.

Not only is the ingredient list provided, but there is an extremely nice visual with easy-to-understand red circles or green circles that indicate whether the menu item does or does not contain one or more of the top allergens (again, they do not list sesame).

You also can use the “ingredient search” tool and do a search by either “ingredient” or “recipe.”  I may search for the ingredient “applewood smoked bacon” or I may search for the recipe “Meat Lover’s Persona Pan Pizza Slice” as an example. An amazing feature!

Is the Nutrition Information Easy to Compare to the Food Allergy Information

Absolutely! Within the “Food Allergy & Sensitivity” allergy tool you simply click on the menu item that you would like to view and click the “more info” button and the ingredients as well as the nutrition information for the particular menu item are clearly displayed.

Is it Easy to Complete an Online Order within the Food Allergy Section of the Menu?

The Food Allergy & Sensitivity allergy tool does not link to online ordering.

You will need to pay attention to the name of your menu item before leaving Pizza Hut’s Food Allergy and Sensitivity tool and placing an online order.

Pizza Hut’s Food Allergen Menu Intuitiveness Ranking 

The Food Allergy Advisor's Intuitiveness Ranking for Pizza Hut

Below is The Food Allergy Advisor’s Ranking System for Intuitiveness.

Is Pizza Hut’s Menu Easy to Understand?

Pizza Hut’s menu is clearly labeled for food allergies, However, I will say it can feel overwhelming when looking at the Food Allergy and Sensitivity Allergy Tool because it breaks down all the different types of crust, types of pizzas, etc.

There are hundreds of combinations. Small, Medium, and Large pizzas as well as hand-tossed, original pan, thin’ n crispy, and that doesn’t even touch on how many possibilities there are.

However, I feel that allergies do need to be assessed for every possible combination, so there was not a better way of laying out the allergy tool.

Overall, Pizza Hut’s Food Allergy and Sensitivity Tool is great.

The website has everything clearly labeled and you can easily search for foods that contain your allergen or search for foods that do not contain your allergen.  

Ease of Mobile Access

There is allergen menu access for Pizza Hut on mobile. You scroll down to the  bottom of pizzahut.com and select “About our Food” and then select “Nutrition.”  From there you select “Food Allergies & Sensitivity Information.”  

Is it Easy to Find Allergy Information on Pizza Hut’s Website?

Yes, it is. Again, scroll down to the “About our Food” section of the website.

Easy to Sort

Pizza Hut has a great interface that is easy to sort by particular food allergen or by multiple food allergies. It also allows you to sort by either showing items that contain the allergen or by showing items that do not contain the allergen.

Is there an Application for Your Phone?

The Pizza Hut app has over 3 Million users! 

Unfortunately, Pizza Hut’s app does not include the Food Allergy and Sensitivity Allergy Tool in their app.

Of note:

The Food Allergy Advisor™ Scoring System is for menus in the United States and review is based on the date/time that the food allergy menu was accessed. The Food Allergy Advisor™ will make best efforts to update restaurant scores periodically.

Always check the food allergen menu of the particular restaurant where you will be dining, do not rely on information on this blog post as food menus may change.  Check Pizza Hut’s food allergen menu site for the most updated information.

This post is for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as advice.

Global chain supply issues may affect menu items at restaurants  Be sure to read individual statements for all restaurants regarding changes in menus/ingredients and their statements regarding cross-contamination.

Ranking a restaurant here and/or including a menu item here does not guarantee that the particular restaurant/menu item is safe for your individual needs.

This Website Does Not Provide Medical Advice

The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.


The Food Allergy Advisor's Overall Ranking for Pizza Hut's Allergen Menu

The Food Allergy Advisor feels that Pizza Hut’s Food Allergy and Sensitivity Allergy Tool is a very clear and effective way to identify food allergens on a menu with literally hundreds (more likely thousands) of combinations of ingredients.

Overall, The Food Allergy Advisor rates Pizza Hut very highly for a wide variety of menu items. Those with a wheat or milk allergy will need to especially ask questions regarding cross-contamination and methods of preparation.

Pizza Hut includes 8 out of 9 of the top food allergies on their food Allergy and Sensitivity Tool. Sesame is not listed, however, finding allergy information is fairly easy if you go to ingredients for specific menu items.

Pizza Hut overall is very allergy friendly, but linking the Food Allergy and Sensitivity Tool to online ordering would be an awesome addition to their website in the future. It would also be great if the app had a link that linked back to pizzahut.com’s website for information on food allergies.

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Last Updated on August 20, 2022 by Amber DeVore, RD, CSSD, CLT

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  1. Steve Findley

    Sesame is now present in Pizza Hut’s pizza. My wife was very excited to find that Pizza Hut didn’t sesame. Infuriating that all changed and we found it the hard way tonight when the sane pizza she had last week gave her a reaction tonight. We immediately checked the nutritional chart to find out that their pizzas now contained traces of sesame. Enough of trace that she e is now in the iCU on a ventilator. I do not understand why we have to put allergens off packaged goods, but why can’t we have on place a big giant sticker in their packaging showing this item may contain any of the top ten allergens. People have been eating these same products for years and suddenly overnight they are unknowingly digesting products that contain allergens that could kill them this week when last week it was just fine.

    1. Hi Steve. First of all, I sincerely hope your wife is okay. Things are changing quite a bit with sesame allergies, especially related to the FASTER Act. Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) has some nice information about sesame. You might like to take a look. I would encourage looking at restaurants allergen information every time you dine out (which I realize is not fun or ideal). Again, your wife is in my thoughts.

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