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5 Smile Worthy ID Bracelets for Kids with Food Allergies

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My little boy had just turned two years old when he was diagnosed with a tree nut allergy.

I had just arrived at his daycare for the first time since his diagnosis.

I took my son’s tiny arm and held his little hand in mine.

Child with food allergies being dropped off at daycare for the first time

I was shaking as I looked down at the food allergy ID bracelet that I had ordered for him.

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I Took a Deep Breath and Let Go

I looked around as we entered his classroom. There were sippy cups all over the room. I knew that some of those sippy cups were filled with almond milk. What if my son took the wrong cup? I felt sick.

I knew I had to send him back to daycare. I had to earn a living. Didn’t I? But, how was my little two year old boy supposed to tell others about his food allergies?

Sure, his regular teachers knew about his food allergies(I made sure of that!), but the daycare frequently used float teachers. It was my responsibility to keep him safe, but how could I make it easier?

Of course, I took a lot of time to communicate with his school about his food allergies before bringing him back to his classroom. I took all the right steps to do my best to protect my baby. But, this was it. 

I took a deep breath as I hugged and kissed him goodbye. I prayed he would not have another allergic reaction. I didn’t let him see the tear roll down my cheek.

His allergy ID bracelet would serve as a much needed constant reminder of his food allergy diagnosis. It was just one of my many interventions that I had in place to help keep my son safe. A simple way to help others realize that this sweet innocent boy had food allergies.

Smile Worthy ID Bracelets for Kids with Food Allergies

I wanted to come up with a list of my favorite ID bracelets for kids with food allergies. When my son was young, I had him wear a medical ID bracelet all the time to help others realize that he had food allergies.

My son and I had many discussions about showing the bracelet to others if they offered him food.

This especially came in handy during special celebrations where random individuals would try to offer him food.

Here are my top 5 medical ID bracelet picks for food allergies.

  1.  Allermates

I love this company! Allermates has been around since 2008. My child used one of these bracelets when he had his initial food allergy diagnosis.

Allermates is known for their kid friendly bracelets with options for charms that can be added to the bracelet based on food allergy.

Your child will want to show off this bracelet. A win win because it increases awareness of your child’s food allergy with others.

  1.  IDMed

These bracelets are perfect for teens. This ID bracelet is a great age appropriate option for a teen who may have food allergies but may be non-verbal or unable to communicate his or her food allergies clearly.

  1.  Allerbling

Allerbling ID bracelets are sized for ages 3 to 8. It is a fashionable silicone band that comes with 8 charms. This band is a bright orange color and is very eye-catching for adults.

  1.  Road ID

This brand has different sizes available, so be sure to pick the appropriate size. This is a great option if you prefer a more traditional ID bracelet with words lasered onto the bracelet. This bracelet is 100% customizable.

  1. MIA MIA Store

This bracelet is fun because it almost looks like a watch. It is adjustable and has a surgical grade stainless steel plate that is able to be custom engraved with your child’s information.

Final Thoughts

ID Bracelets can be very helpful for a child who is unable to communicate that they have food allergies. They also provide peace of mind for the parents.

They are perfect for when there is a substitute teacher or when there is an occasion where many adults may need to be reminded that a child has food allergies.

While ID bracelets should not be the only intervention for communicating that your child has a food allergy, they can be a very helpful visual reminder for all who are involved in the care of your child.

Do you have a favorite ID bracelet? Leave me a comment. Be sure to check out my children’s book that I wrote especially for young children with a new food allergy diagnosis.

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