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My 5 top Gifts for Food Allergy Awareness Month May 2023

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With May being Food Allergy Awareness month, it’s a great opportunity to thank coaches, teachers, bus drivers, or anyone that may have made an impact on you or a loved one’s food allergy.  

Through the years, I have loved buying presents to thank others who have helped keep my son with food allergies safe. A simple T-shirt can get a conversation started about food allergies and in turn increases food allergy awareness.

Below are my top picks for gifts for Food Allergy Awareness Month this May.  I also want to point out that although May is Food Allergy Awareness Month, there is also Food Allergy Awareness Week May 14th to May 20th, 2023.

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5 Ways to Promote Food Allergy Awarenss Month May 2023

Showing your support for food allergy awareness can look different for everyone. In this article I highlight some fun items that can help raise food allergy awareness for May of 2023 as well as for food allergy awareness week May 14th to May 20th, 2023.

1. T-Shirts and Sweatshirts that Focus on Supporting Family Member

Okay, I know that I mentioned buying gifts for others, but it doesn’t hurt to buy a T-shirt for yourself.  I love this T-shirt that is all about showing love and support if you have a daughter with food allergies.

There are multiple versions of the shirt pictures below. You can get a traditional T-shirt, long sleeved T-shirt, sweatshirt, V-neck, and tank top.

It’s super cool, because not only are there T-shirts geared towards your daughter having food allergies, there are T-shirts for all sorts of family members: nieces, stepdaughter, grandson, granddaugher, and stepson.

I also like this hoodie for those of us that have a son with food allergies (like I do!).

2. The Food Allergy Awareness Lapel

I love the idea of the teal lapel to help raise food allergy awareness. It’s a simple way to show your support.

3. Food Allergy Awareness Bracelets

I think bracelets are a great way to increase food allergy awareness. Bracelets can make a perfect gift for a child who has food allergies. They are also fantastic for food allergy individuals who are non-verbal.

I cover my favorite allergy bracelets in my post “5 Smile Worthly ID Bracelets for Kids with Food Allergies.” Below is one of the brands that I absolutely love!

4. Shirts for Teachers, Bus-Drivers, Cafeteria Workers, You Name it!

Nothing feels better than thanking somone who has kept your loved one with food allergies safe. I have given out many gifts over the years thanking those who played a role in the prevention of an allergic reaction for my son.

I always include a note with the gift. Giving a gift to someone in the community always makes their face light up with joy.

Shirts are a fun way to do this (assuming you know the correct T-shirt size). Teachers, cafeteria worksers, bus-drivers, coaches, etc who are gifted this shirt will likely wear it with pride. They are also likely to spread the word about how they help indidivudals with food allergies.

It is available in many styles.

5. Childrens’ Food Allergy Book

And last, but certainly not least, children with a new food allergy diagnosis will love the book, “My Food Allergies.” This book is interactive. As the reader reads the book to a child, it prompts the child to answer some questions. These questions ultimately teach children with food allergies how to be safe.

Full disclosure, I know the author, it’s me!

My Food Allergies Book by Amber DeVore

Spread Awareness

Maybe food allergy awareness looks different for you. Whether it is working on getting legislation changed or donating to organizations that do research for food allergies, you can make a difference.

The above items are really just a fun way to shop easily, get noticed within the community, and start a discussion about food allergies.

Leave me a comment. Be sure to check out my children’s book that I wrote especially for young children with a new food allergy diagnosis.

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