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Hi, I’m Amber, the Food Allergy Advisor!

I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) and a mother to a child with life threatening food allergies. I get it.  A food allergy diagnosis doesn’t just mean carrying epinephrine and going on with your life. It changes everything. Food allergies are something you have to think about throughout the day, every day.

My goal is to help individuals with food allergies and their families feel less worry and fear surrounding food.  I want those affected by food allergies to enjoy meals again.  But it’s not just about eating, it’s about enjoying all of those important activities like vacation, eating out with the family, going to an amusement park, and going to parties.

The Food Allergy Advisor has resources and articles to help teachers, coaches, babysitters, caregivers, and other members of the community keep those with food allergies safe and included. With 32 million Americans living with food allergies, access to accurate and helpful information is critically important. 

I created this site for both children and adults with food allergies. Food allergies don’t just begin in childhood, we are seeing more and more adults with a new food allergy diagnosis in their later years of life.

If you are feeling unsure of how to navigate life with food allergies or just want some support- you’re in the right place.

Thanks for being here!


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This book is great for any of the top 9 food allergies (egg, wheat, milk, soy, shellfish, fish, tree nuts, sesame, and peanuts) as well as less common food allergies.  It also is a great choice for multiple food allergies.

My Food Allergies Book by Amber DeVore
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